Digital Downloads

AWWA offers a license to digital downloads of many of our authoritative resources. All AWWA Standards and AWWA Manuals of Practice are available to download in addition to Conference Proceedings presentations, articles from Journal AWWA and Opflow and select IDA Journal articles.

Once purchased, all downloads are available instantly in a convenient DRM-free PDF format. Downloaded, files can be viewed without Internet access; printing and commenting features are fully enabled. With a single-user license, you can download the files to several personal devices.
AWWA digital downloads can be found in the AWWA Store along with our printed products. You can either navigate by listed product types or search the AWWA Store to find just what you’re looking for. PDF files are designated as PDFs in the product’s name as well as by their search-result icon.

When you purchase a single-user license in the AWWA Store, the digital file is available for immediate download, and the file will remain available to you (login required) in the My Downloads section of the My Account page. Combination single user Print + PDF sets of Manuals are also available at a discount.

If you are interested in allowing access to the licensed AWWA content to individuals in your organization, you must purchase a multi-user license. For more information, please email AWWA Content Licensing.

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AWWA digital downloads are protected against piracy by Digimarc Guardian℠.

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Can I load my files onto multiple computers?

Single-user licensed files may be downloaded on up to five different personal devices (tablet, PC, mobile, etc.) but they may not be shared among different users or uploaded to a company intranet.

Do you offer multi-user licenses?

Yes. You can request information and pricing by emailing AWWA Content Licensing.

What is the difference between single-user and multi-user licenses?

Single-user licensed downloads can only be used by a single person and cannot be shared in any way. Multiple-user licensed downloads can be uploaded to a company intranet or secure network for use by multiple employees. The AWWA Store only offers single-user licenses. To request a quote for a multiple-user license, email AWWA Content Licensing.

Are digital rights restrictions placed on PDF downloads?

Digital downloads from AWWA are virtually DRM-free.

How can I view the files on my device?

PDF files are viewable on almost all devices. See the PDF Viewing Instructions section below.

Where can I find historical versions of Standards?

Historical Standards are available in digital format in the AWWA Store. Simply go to the PDF version of the current standard and all of its historical versions will be listed on the page under “Related products.” A Store search will not pull up all the historical versions of a Standard – you must go to the current PDF version of the Standard and then look in “Related products.”

pdf viewing instructions

Once you have downloaded your digital download PDF file to your computer, you’re ready to put it on your iOS device, Android device, Kindle or Nook. Because of the large variety of devices and iOS and Android PDF reader apps, AWWA cannot provide instructions for every user’s unique situation. Find out more about your specific device in the following list.


You’ll need a PDF reader app to look at PDFs on your iPad or iPhone. The most popular one is the (free) Adobe Reader, but another excellent one, offering additional functionality, such as highlighting and annotating, is the $4.99 Good Reader.

Adobe has excellent instructions for copying and reading PDF files to your iOS device.

For other PDF reader apps, please refer to the instructions from the app’s creators.


You’ll need a PDF reader app to look at PDFs on your Android. The most popular one is the (free) Adobe Reader, but another excellent (also free) one is PDF Reader.

Adobe has excellent instructions for copying and reading  PDF files to your Android device.

For other PDF reader apps, please refer to the instructions from the app’s creators.


You can also move files from your PC or iMac directly to your Kindle via USB cable, or move files to your Kindle using a special email address, set in the Manage Your Kindle area on Amazon.

If you have the 3G version, make sure you use and not so WiFi is used for the transfer, otherwise 3G charges will apply for the transfer. Create a message and attach the file you want to send to your Kindle. Note that the Kindle 3 can natively read PDFs but they may not display well—many users find that the type is too small and it is difficult to “pan” around the page.

More Amazon information for putting documents on your Kindle:


Moving files to a Nook from a PC or iMac via USB cable is a similar process as for the Kindle: Simply drag the PDF from your desktop to the My Documents folder on your Nook. The “For Dummies” website has an excellent walk-through of this process.


You’ll need a PDF reader application to look at PDFs on your Windows-based machine. The most popular one is the (free) Adobe Reader.