Section Services Staff

Section Services’ mission is to enhance the relationship between the Association and the sections and to maximize the effectiveness of the sections through communication, training and guidance on association management practices.

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Chief Membership Officer

Susan Franceschi

Specialty Areas: Leads the AWWA Member Engagement & Development Group of which Section Services and Membership are parts. Serves as the Staff Advisor to the Member Engagement and Development Committee, the Canadian Affairs Committee and the AWWA2020 Initiative. Susan also serves as the AWWA liaison to Water For People.


Mike Man

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Senior Section Relationship Manager for Region I and Ontario

Mike Man

Specialty Areas: Serves as the Section Services Liaison to the Water Utility Council, Staff to the Canadian Affairs Committee.

Responsible for Region I (includes Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Newfoundland-Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Islands), Chesapeake (Delaware, District of Columbia and Maryland) Connecticut, New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts), New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Quebec) and Ontario from Region III and Western Canada from Region V.


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Section Relationship Manager for Region II

Ashley Longmore

Responsible for Region II (includes Alabama-Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky/Tennessee, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Southwest, Virginia, and West Virginia)



Nancy Sullivan

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Manager of Section Services, Region III and V

Nancy Sullivan

Specialty Areas: Student and Academic Activities, Young Professional, Staff Advisor to the Young Professionals and Liaison to the Manufacturers /Associates Council (MAC)

Responsible for Region III (includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin excluding Ontario) and Montana, Pacific Northwest, and British Columbia from Region V.


Terry Walters

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Senior Section Relationship Manager for Region IV

Terry Walters

Specialty Areas: Serves as the Section Services Liaison to the Technical & Education Council and Staff for the Diversity & Member Inclusion Committee.

Responsible for Region IV (includes Arizona, Intermountain (Utah and Eastern Idaho), Kansas, Mexico, Missouri, Nebraska, Rocky Mountain (Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming), excluding Southwest (Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma) and Texas) and California-Nevada, Hawaii, and Alaska in Region V.


Julie Geisler

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Section Services Coordinator

Julia Geisler

Primary point of contact for Section Leadership and Section Staff on Section-related needs. Coordinates and supports various Section Services programs such as the Section Conference Support Program, Regional Meetings of Section Officers, etc.