AWWA Sections Services Group was pleased to have over 100 attendees from 23 different sections attending the recent Summer Workshop.The Summer Workshop provides training and skills building to help Section leaders or staff to run the business of the Section more effectively. Topics at this training include a variety of association and volunteer management topics, interactive short sessions in tracks, and an exhibit hall. We also had lots of fun and networking opportunities. If you attended the Summer Workshop and are willing to share your thoughts about it, please complete the evaluation survey. If you would like more information about how you or your section can participate in the Summer Workshop, touch base with your Section Services Representative

Workshop Details

All session details are listed in the Final Agenda.
Engaging Retirees as Volunteers - Kristy Judd and Anne Bell

Better Board Minutes - Cathy Darnell

Ensuring Success for Your Section Scholarship - Linda Moody and Terry Walters

Leveraging AWWA's Financial Resources - David Lafrance, Gene Koontz, and Mike Howe

Setting Goals and Objectives - Mark Lehigh

The Value of Water - Jeanne Bailey

Fun Apps to Help You and Your Section Get Organized and Be More Effective - Kevin turntine, Alex Shegda, Mike Man, and Laurie Dougherty

Influencing Congress: How members and Sections can do it - tommy Holmes

Section Management 101 - Christopher mcGinness