David White and Lance Langer from the AWWA Illinois Section at ACE16.

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Pacific Northwest Section:

I Love My Section Because...

I am extremely proud to be a part of the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works
Association. The people working in the water industry are some of the best people I’ve ever met and
I’ve come to think of them not only as colleagues but as friends and family. There are so many things
I love about my section, but here is one reason - We Engage Our Young Professionals - Every year in May, the PNWS Young Professionals organize a Scavenger Hunt at our Section’s annual conference.  This event is always a great opportunity to get to know other young professionals and network with seasoned professionals working in the water industry.  This was our 12th year and we had more than 40 young professionals participate in the festivities. 
- Julie Smitherman

Upcoming Section Events

Indiana Section Annual Conference
January 30, 2017 / Indianapolis, IN

Hawaii Section Annual Conference
February 15, 2017 / Honolulu, HI

South Carolina Annual Conference
March 11, 2017 / Myrtle Beach, SC

Illinois Section Annual Conference
March 20, 2017 / Springfield, IL

Quebec Section Annual Conference
March 21, 2017 / Montreal, QC Canada

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