AWWA YP Committee Members

Meet the members

The Young Professionals Committee is committed to actively pursuing the advancement of students and younger professionals in the water industry by outreaching to local sections to promote younger members to take an active role in the Association.

Photo of Meredith Quinn

Meredith Quinn
YP Committee Chair
Job: Project Engineer
Employer: Advanced Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.
Years in Water: 8
Why I Work in Water: Water is essential for life, so the work we do is very important. I’ve always loved everything about water from the sound it makes to the taste. Now that I’ve worked in water for seven years, I can say it is the people that keep me here. The water industry is filled with a common passion for improving the quality of life for others.

Jeff BlakelyJeff Blakely
Job: Senior Sales Engineer
Employer: American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Years in Water: 5
Why I Work in Water: A family friend was the local utility operator and introduced me to an industry that, much like most of the public, I took for granted. Throughout my career, I have gained a strong appreciation for the people and processes that allow for the quality of life citizens of the U.S. enjoy. The AWWA has allowed me to get more involved in protecting what is truly “The World’s Most Important Resource.”


Suzanne DeLorenzo, Ph.D.
Job: Water Quality Manager/Conservation Specialist
Employer: Clackamas River Water
Years in Water: 3
Why I Work in Water: I came to the drinking water industry after spending a number of years conducting oceanographic research. Only 1% of the earth’s water is available for drinking water, yet this resource is often overlooked or taken for granted. As drinking water becomes an increasingly coveted commodity the industry will become an exciting field encouraging advancement of knowledge, growth and outside-of-the-box thinking. I’m excited to be a part of this future.

Rebecca HamelRebecca Hamel
Job: Water Quality Supervisor
Employer: Gilbert, Arizona
Years in Water: 6
Why I work in water: When I think of water, I always think of the photograph, “The Blue Marble” taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft looking back on earth on their way to the moon. When I see that picture, I see more than just our planet and our home… I see water. I see oceans and lakes and ice and clouds, and I realize that our water is not going anywhere. The water that we have is the water that we’ve always had and always will have, and that makes it so precious. I’m excited to be a part of preserving our most vital resource.

Photo of Corianne HartCorianne Hart
Job: Water Design Engineer
Employer: Brown and Caldwell
Years in Water: 9
Why I Work in Water: I really enjoy using my science/engineering background to help communities with their water needs and challenges. This includes providing communities the tools to use water wisely and the utilities the resources to provide high quality water to their communities within their budget.


Jihyon Im
Job: Environmental Engineer
Employer: CDM Smith
Years in Water: 1
Why I Work in Water: I've always wanted to work in water since college because of its importance as a valuable resource in our everyday life and the associated engineering challenges. I appreciate how the water industry solves very practice issues in this society and many parts of the country and how it involves working with people as well as working for people.

Jonathan Leiman PhotoJonathan Leiman
Job: Aquatic Ecologist
Employer: ENVIRON International Corp
Years in Water: 5
Why I Work in Water: Since I started my first job in middle school I have had an interest in natural resource conservation.  My professional interest in the aquatic sciences as well as my personal interests in fishing and other outdoor pursuits have lead me to pursue a career in water.  I enjoy working to conserve the most basic of resources to benefit people and wildlife alike.

L McDanielLaQuoyah N. McDaniel
Job: Chemist II
Employer:Birmingham Water Works Board
Years in Water: 10
Why I Work in Water: I enjoy working in the water industry because I get a chance to serve my community. It is my responsibility to test and ensure the quality of the water of my community.


Photo of Enoch Nicholson P.E.Enoch Nicholson, P.E.

Job: Drinking Water Treatment Engineer
Employer: CH2M HILL
Years in Water: 7
Why I Work in Water: I decided to go into water treatment when I was a senior in College at Seattle University. I thought about all of the other areas of civil engineering I could pursue and realized that no other field would give me as great of an opportunity to save lives and make an impact on the world as the drinking water industry. I thoroughly enjoy supporting Water for People and some day hope to get a chance to go do some hands-on work on drinking water projects in developing countries.

portlockDan Portlock
Job: Project Engineer
Employer: Moore Engineering 
Years in Water:  7
Why I Work in Water: I have always wanted to work in the water industry, growing up I was introduced to water projects that helped people in need. I was involved in several small projects that helped communities disinfect water that didn’t have access to treatment systems. That is what really got me interested in the field. As I progress through my career in water I will know that I have made a difference in many people’s lives. 

Photo of Ashley WaldronAshley Waldron
Job: Water Treatment Engineer
Employer: CH2M
Years in Water:  2
Why I Work in Water: I’ve always known I wanted to be an environmental engineer. Water and the environment have always meant a great deal to me, after growing up right next to a creek and, just beyond that, a forest. I love that my job allows me to provide communities with safe drinking water. I’ve met so many people in the water industry that are passionate about their job and improving the lives of others. I’m excited to help other young professionals connect with this industry.

Dwayne Schwartz Photo Dwayne Schwartz

Job: Operations Coordinator
Employer: City of Waynesboro, Va.
Years in Water: 16
Why I Work in Water: I love working in and learning about the earth’s most vital resource. I also like the fact that I have truly given back to the community and the future.


Spitzer-LondonJordan Spitzer-London
Job: Production Supervisor 
Employer: New Jersey American Water
Years in Water: 6
Why I Work in Water: The water field is a diverse and ever expanding industry rife with opportunities. It has offered me a chance to work in different treatment plants, different departments and with a large number of consummate professionals who are all passionate about their jobs. I absolutely love that the day-to-day is never the same, and how problem solving is done through a mix of mechanical know-how, creativity and chemistry backgrounds. This industry is fast coming to the forefront of public education, and I can't wait to see what challenges lay ahead.


Tyler Tedcastle Photo

Tyler Tedcastle
Job: Regional Sales Manager
Years in Water: 5
Why I Work in Water: Too many people take having clean, potable water for granted; however, water is essential for maintaining life. Working on projects that continually enhance the quality of life of people is a great feeling. One that I personally am proud of.