AWWA Student Chapters

Get involved at your college or university!

The Basics of Starting an AWWA Student Chapter for Sections:

If your AWWA Section or university has a student chapter and you want to add it to this list, please email us with information for this page.

Arkansas (Southwest Section)

University of Arkansas
Academic Contact: Dr. Julian Fairey
Student Contact: Connie Moloney

California (California-Nevada Section)

Cal Poly University, Pomona
Academic Contact: Monica Palomo, PH.D. P.E. 
Student Contact: Kahao Lim

Cuyamaca Community College
Contact: Joe Young
Student Contact: Alan Jones

Fresno State University
Academic Contact: Fayzul Pasha
Student Contact: Rakel Hairabedian

San Diego State University
Academic Contact: Jenna Mariano
Student Contact: Cari Campbell

San Jose State University
Academic Contact: Dr. Juneseok Lee
Student Contact: Shaun Mehl
Student Contact: Andrea Bautista

University of California, Davis
Academic Contact: Jeannie L. Darby, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
Student Contact: Nathan Hatch

Colorado (Rocky Mountain Section)

Colorado School of Mines
Academic Contact: Dr. Tzahi Cath
Student Contact: Kate Newhart
Student Contact: Rudy Maltos
Student Contact: Charlie Liu
Student Contact: Emily Nicholas

Colorado State University
Academic Contact: Dr. Ken Carlson

University of Colorado at Boulder
Academic Contact: Christopher Corwin
Student Contact: Haley Goddard

Florida Section

University of Florida
Academic Contact: Dr. Paul Chadik
Student Contact: Estefania Alvarado

University of South Florida
Student Contact: Michael Gerdjikian

University of Central Florida
Academic Contact: Dr. Steven Duranceau
Student Contact: Alexander Maas


University of Hawaii at Manoa
Student Contact: Christina Richardson


Notre Dame
Academic Contact: Rob Nerenberg
Student Contact: Paul Hurley

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Academic Contact: Jennifer Mueller Price
Student Contact: Ellen Dado


University of Kansas
Academic Contact: Dr. Belinda Sturm
Student Contact: Luigi Basalo

Kentucky (Kentucky-Tennessee Section)

University of Kentucky
Academic Contact: Carmen Agouridis
Student Contact: Erika Hernandez

University of Louisville
Academic Contact: Michael Sharp
Student Contact: Mallory Allgeier

Michigan Section

Michigan State University
Academic Contact: Volodymyr V. Tarabara, Ph.D
Academic Contact: Susan Masten

Michigan Technological University
Academic Contact: Judith Perlinger
Academic Contact: Noel Urban
Academic Contact: David Hand

University of Michigan
Academic Contact: Dr. Lutgarde Raskin
Student Contact: Lauren Stadler

Northern Michigan University
Academic Contact: Ron Sundell

Lake Superior State University
Academic Contact: Judy Westrick
Academic Contact: David Sziag
Academic Contact: Alexei Iretski

Minnesota Section

St. Cloud Technical College
Academic Contact: Ken Redmond

Nebraska Section

University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Academic Contact: Dr. Xu Li
Student Contact: Vincent Kuppig

Nevada (California-Nevada Section)

University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Student Contact: Mae Javier

New Jersey Section

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Academic Contact: Taha Marhaba

NEW MEXICO (Rocky Mountain Section)

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Academic Contact: Dr. Frank Huang
Student Contact: Carrie Sanchez

New Mexico State University
Academic Contact: Dr. Pei Xu
Student Contact:  Zachary Stoll

University of New Mexico
Academic Contact: Dr. Kerry Howe
Student Contact:  Johanna Phillips

New York Section

Syracuse University
Academic Contact: Dr. Doug Call

Clarkson University
Academic Contact:
Student Contact: Arash Shahmansouri

North Carolina Section

North Carolina A & T State University
Academic Contact: Dr. Manoj Jha
Student Contact: Sherrod Long

North Carolina State University
Academic Contact: Detlef Knappe

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Student Contact: William A. Boivin

North Dakota Section

University of North Dakota
Academic Contact: Harvey Guillicks
Student Contact: Matthew Erickson

North Dakota State University
Academic Contact: Wei Lin
Student Contact: Eric Miller

Oregon (Pacific Northwest Section)

Clackamas Community College
Academic Contact: Matt LaForce
Academic Contact: James T. Nurmi
Student Contact: Chris Conrad

Lane Community College
Student Contact: Rachael Bachmeier

Portland State University
Academic Contact: Catherine Howells
Student Contact: Emily Heleva-Ponaski

Puerto Rico Section

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Academic Contact: Eng. Pedro Modesto
Student Contact: Josue Ortiz

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
Academic Contact: Dra. Liz Diaz
Student Contact: Jesbaniris Bas

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus
Academic Contact:  Dr. Pedro Tarafa
Student Contact: Omayra Martínez

South Carolina Section

Clemson University
Academic Contact: Dr. David Ladner

College of Charleston
Academic Contact: Dr. Barbara Beckingham

South Dakota Section

South Dakota State University
Student Contact: Andy Lemke

Texas Section

University of Texas at Austin
Academic Contact: Dr. Desmond Lawler
Student Contact: Lauren Goulding

Tennessee (Kentucky-Tennessee Section)

Tennessee Tech University
Academic Contact: Kevin Young
Student Contact: Emily Humphreys

University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Academic Contact: Jon Hathaway
Student Contact: Jessica Thompson

Vanderbilt University
Academic Contact: Alan Bowers
Student Contact: Shanna Rucker


Utah State University
Academic Contact: Laurie McNeill
Student Contact: Kade Beck

Virginia Section

Old Dominion University (Joint with VWEA)
Academic Contact: Dr. Gary Schafran
Student Contact: Neil McNulty

Virginia Tech (Joint with WVEA)
Academic Contact: Dr. Gregory Boardman
Student Contact:

Washington (Pacific Northwest Section)

University of Washington
Academic Contact: Michael Dodd
Student Contact: Bryce Figdore

Wisconsin Section

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Academic Contact: Jea Park
Student Contact: Tony Garcia

University of Wisconsin at Plateville
Academic Contact: Dr.  Michael Penn
Student Contact: Eric Osterdyk

University of Wisconsin at Whitewater
Academic Contact: Linda Reid
Student Contact: Eric Doescher

Wyoming (Rocky Mountain Section)

University of Wyoming
Academic Contact: Dr. Jonathan A. Brant
Student Contact: Coleman Henry


British Columbia SECTION

University of British Columbia

Academic Contact: Dr. Cigdem Eskicioglu
Student Contact: Shelir Ebrahimi

Ontario Section

University of Guelph
Student Contact: Paul Trudell

University of Toronto
Academic Contact: Ron Hofmann
Student Contact: Brenden Ding

University of Waterloo
Academic Contact: Michele Van Dyke
Student Contact: Shoeleh Shams
Student Contact: Kellie Superina

The University of Western Ontario
Student Contact: Pegah Saremirad


Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
Academic Contact: Daniel Salas Limon
Student Contact: Jaime Rodríguez

Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas
Student Contact: Vicky Campos