Special Emphasis Observances Months

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Why should you use this campaign?

This campaign helps utility and service provider members to recognize the outstanding contributions to water by employees of different background, gender, race and sexual orientation during Special Emphasis Observances Months.

Modeled after Only Tap Water Delivers, the Special Emphasis Observances Months campaign provides a set of highly customizable materials in a downloadable toolkit. The campaign uses vocabulary and imagery that are designed to support current diversity, human resources and public outreach efforts.

What’s the Primary Message?

The campaign’s primary messages are:

  • Employee recognition
  • Cultural awareness
  • Consumer outreach
  • Public relations

What’s included in the Campaign?

The campaign includes:

  • Press Release
  • Poster
  • Advertisement
  • News article
  • Service Commendation

Special Observances:
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September - October)
  • Disability Employment Awareness Month (October) - Coming in 2017
  • American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month (November) - Coming in 2017
  • African-American History Month (February)
  • Women's History Month (March)
  • Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month (May)
  • LGBT Pride Month (October) - Coming in 2017

Why Can’t I Access the Materials?

This campaign was developed by the Diversity & Member Inclusion Committee and is exclusively available to AWWA member utilities, service providers, and manufacturer members. If you are not a member and would like to receive this and many other valuable benefits, you can join AWWA online.

For additional information contact Terry Walters.