Exemplary Source Water Protection Award

2016 Recipients


Central Utah Conservancy District - Provo River Watershed
Intermountain Section


The Regional Municipality of York, Ontario
Ontario Section

Award Criteria


Award title:
  Exemplary Source Water Protection Award 

Purpose of the award:  To recognize organizations in North America who have developed and are implementing exemplary source water protection programs.

The award:  The AWWA Exemplary Source Water Protection Program Award plaque. 

Frequency of the award:  Yearly, up to three awards, with the intent to distribute to organizations representing different water system size classifications based on the population served.            

Eligibility:  Any organization or drinking water system that performs source water protection for drinking water supplies in North America is eligible to apply for the award.  The drinking water supply sources must be associated with a water system or authority that is regulated by a federal/state/province/tribe government agency.  The award applies to systems using surface water and/or groundwater as their source. 

Selection criteria for the award:  The award will be based largely on the criteria set forth in the AWWA Standard for Source Water Protection (ANSI/AWWA G300-07).                 

     The Standard states that “Source water protection is a highly site-specific process that reflects the inherent diversity of natural waters and the areas from which they are derived.  Consequently, successful source water protection programs may vary widely in their details; but it is a premise of this standard that successful programs share several fundamental elements.  These elements form the basis of the source water protection standard.  Within this generalized framework, individual utilities may establish and maintain source water protection programs that account for their unique local conditions, incorporate the interests of local stakeholders, and reflect sustainable long-term commitments to the process by all parties.”

     Specifically, the source water protection program should include each of the following six (6) components outlined below and described in more detail in the Standard: (1) a source water protection program vision; (2) source water characterization; (3) source water protection goals; (4) source water protection action plan; (5) implementation of the action plan; and (6) periodic evaluation and revision of the entire program.  Although each of the six primary elements may differ greatly in their complexity or effort, they are each vital to the success of the program.  Accordingly, basic success in each area should be demonstrated in order for a utility to obtain recognition in the area of source water protection.

     In addition to how well a source water protection program satisfies each of the six (6) program components outlined above for the AWWA Standard, the award will also be based on the following three criteria: (1) the effectiveness of the program; (2) the innovativeness of the program approach; and (3) the difficulties overcome by the organization in satisfying the eligibility criteria. 

     In determining award the award winner(s), consideration may be given to the resources available to the organization for the development and implementation of a source water protection program when judging the programs of organizations of difference sizes (within a specific size category).

    Additional guidance is available in the Requirements section of the AWWA Standard, as well as on the entry form for the Award. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the specific criteria for each of the six (6) program components provided in the AWWA Standard, as those are part of the Exemplary Source Water Protection award criteria.  The G300 Standard is available from the AWWA Bookstore.

Application requirements:  Submission of four (4) copies each of a completed AWWA entry form and application report by any eligible organization to the Staff Secretary of the AWWA Water Resources Sustainability Division.  Application reports are subject to a 20-page limit.   

Application deadline:  The deadline for receipt of all entry materials is January 15 of the given year.  Applications will be kept active and considered for three years after submission.  If desired, applicants may provide updates to their application by the deadline for the second and third years of consideration. 

AWWA award committee membership:  The Award Committee will be administered by the AWWA Source Water Protection Committee, and will be comprised of members of the Source Water Protection Committee as well as other Committees of the AWWA Water Resource Sustainability Division as appropriate. Employees of or consultants to any of the organizations participating in the subject Source Water Protection Program or the nominating organization may not serve on the Award Committee.  The Award Committee will make nominations to be approved by the AWWA Water Resource Sustainability Division.

Presentation of the award:  The award will be presented at the AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition.

Section level awards:  Some AWWA sections may also offer an Exemplary Source Water Protection Award.  The following guidance is provided to those Sections, and the Sections are encouraged, to the extent possible, to follow the guidelines provided above for the AWWA level award.

      (a)  Section level awards are made at the discretion of each Section.  Sections are encouraged to annually give up to three awards distributed to water systems in their section.
      (b)  Eligibility for Section Level Award:  Eligibility criteria for Section Level Awards are to be established by section awards committees.  Sections are encouraged to use the same eligibility criteria as for the AWWA level award.
      (c)  Selection Criteria for the Section Level Award:  Award criteria for the Section Level Awards are to be established by each Section.  Sections are encouraged to use the same award criteria as for the AWWA level award.
      (d)  Application Requirements for Section Level Award:  Submission of a completed AWWA entry form (unless a section level entry form has been developed) and application report by any eligible organization to the appropriate section Secretary or awards committee.  If you do not know who the Secretary is for the section that has jurisdiction in your area, you can call the Section Services Group of AWWA at 303-347-6202 for this information.
      (e) Application Deadline for Section Level Award:  Each section will establish its own internal deadlines for the submission of the necessary application materials.
      (f)  Section Award Committee Membership:  The section may establish an awards committee based on its own internal governing documents and structure. Sections are encouraged to seek the participation of other groups on the awards committee, specifically, those mentioned under Nomination Procedures for the AWWA level award.  However, employees of or consultants to any of the organizations participating in the subject Source Water Protection Program or the nominating organization may not serve on the Section’s Award Committee, with the exception of nominated organization’s personnel, who may not serve on the committee.
      (g)  Presentation of the Section Level Award:  The award will be presented at the discretion of the section.
      (h)  Nomination for AWWA level Award:  Nominations from Sections should follow the requirements described under items 1 to 9 outlined above.