AWWAIndia is the first office of AWWA out of North America. It's primary purpose is to serve the needs of the Indian AWWA members and act as a resource for helping the Indian water professionals improve water and wastewater supply and distribution, build a community to support educational needs and advance a sustainable future.

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Effective Utility Management Fact Sheet

In May 2006, the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, the American Public Works Association, the American Water Works Association, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, the National Association of Water Companies, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Water Environment Federation entered into a Statement of Intent to “formalize a collaborative effort among the signatory organizations in order to promote effective utility management.”

The parties identified “Ten Attributes of Effectively Managed Water Sector Utilities” that provide a succinct indication of where effectively managed utilities focus and what they strive to achieve. Further, the parties recommended that the water utility sector adopt and utilize these Attributes as a basis for promoting improved management within the sector. The Attributes can be viewed as a continuum of, or a set of building blocks for, management improvement opportunities.

IWA Water Loss 2016 was held in early 2016 at The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, India. The event was jointly organized by The International Water Association, Water Loss Specialist Group and India Water Works Association, along with MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications. The event was a critical meeting of water professionals, regulators and policy makers to address the challenges and solutions to help business and water utilities tackle water loss.

For more information go to IWA WaterLoss 2016

Water Audit Software

This spreadsheet-based water audit tool designed to help quantify and track water losses associated with water distribution systems and identify areas for improved efficiency and cost recovery. The tool is still founded upon the principles of the M36 Water Audit methodology, but with an enhanced user interface. Improvements have been made to the Water Supplied calculations to align with new content in the forthcoming M36, 4th Edition.

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