Water Utility Council Roster

*Vause, Kurt (WUC Chair)

Special Projects Director
Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility

*Weihrauch, David D. (WUC Vice Chair and Legislative Chair)
City of Oxford, Ohio 

*Lennox, Brenda S.
AWWA President-Elect
(National Officers’ Representative)

Alston, John 
Water/Sewer Operations Superintendent
City of Bozeman Water Department
Bozeman, MT 

Bruno, Jeanne-Marie
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Liberty Utilities
Downey, Calif.
(Special Appointment)

Campbell, Reid
Director of Water Services
Halifax Water
Halifax, Nova Scotia

DeGraca, Andrew
San Francisco Public Utilities
Burlingame, Calif.
(TEC Liaison)

Donahue, John,
North Park Public Water District
Machesney Park, IL

Forrest, Yvonne W.
Public Works and Engineering Dept.
City of Houston, Texas

Fortenberry, Alan 
Beaver Water District 
Lowell, Arkansas 

Fritz, William
Waterford Township DPW
Waterford, Mich.

Fulgham, Paul
Public Works Director
Tremonton, Utah

(NRWA Representative) 

Jensen, Jeanne
Senior Project Manager
Town of Gilbert
Gilbert, AZ
(Young Professionals Liaison)

Kerr, Patrick J.
President and CEO
Baton Rouge (La.) Water Company
(NAWC Representative)


*Executive Committee Members
**Non Voting Members


Maddox, Charles R.
Water Regulatory Manager
Austin Water Utility
Austin, Texas

McCrea, Linda 
Water Superintendent 
Tacoma Water 
Tacoma, WA 

Morgan, Thomas R. (Buddy) 
General Manager
Montgomery Water Works & Sanitary Sewer Board
Montgomery, AL 

Murray, Chuck
General Manager
Fairfax Water 
Fairfax, VA
(Water Research Foundation Liaison)

Quirk, Nancy A. (Regulatory Chair)
General Manager
Green Bay Water Utility
Green Bay, WI



Rexing, Dave
Water Quality Research & Development
Southern Nevada Water Authority
Las Vegas, Nev.

Rush, Paul 
Deputy Commissioner 
NYC Department of Environmental Protection 
Grahamsville, NY 
(Special Appointment) 

Smith, Sandy A.
Water Production Superintendent
DeKalb County Dept. of Watershed Management
Doraville, Ga.

*Sullivan, John P. (WUC Treasurer)
Chief Engineer
Boston (Mass.) Water and Sewer Commission

Wallis, Michael J.
Director of Operations and Maintenance
East Bay Municipal Utility District
Oakland, CA 
(AMWA Representative)

Walters, Robert A.
Assistant Manager
Davidson Water Inc.
Lexington, N.C.

Wilson, Tim
Director of Water Production
Marshalltown Water Works
Marshalltown, Iowa

** Wright, Beate
Executive Director, DC Office
Water Research Foundation
Washington, DC  
(Staff Liaison from WRF)

** Mehan, G. Tracy 
Executive Director
AWWA, Government Affairs Office
Washington, DC  
(Staff Secretary)