Customer Service Certificate Program

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Training On Demand

This program provides your organization with the opportunity to host local face-to-face training at a site and date you choose for any number of employees.  Reduce training travel costs for your employees and  improve your employees’ productivity!

Program information

Your organization is responsible for 

  • Purchasing the curriculum (on CD) from AWWA. 
  • Hosting the training on-site at a location of your choice.
  • Inviting attendees. You can charge a registration fee if you'd like.
  • Hiring an AWWA-approved trainer and paying the trainer’s travel expenses and honorarium. Trainers are located throughout North America.

Curriculum is composed of three courses

  • Course 1: Customer Relationship Building
  • Course 2: The Business of Customer Service
  • Course 3: Water Industry Operations
Email Education Services for more information, including a price quote, learning objectives, and a detailed program overview.
For questions regarding registration, lodging or general conference questions, please contact the Conferences and Events Group.