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Conference Program: June 8 - 12 | Exposition: June 8 - 11 | Boston Convention & Exhibition Center | Boston, Mass.

ACE14 Competitions Recap

Water Buoys Pop up Again in Boston

Long-time Top Ops Champs once again grab the title away from other contenders.

Four familiar faces appeared on the Top Ops stage at the 2014 competition in Boston: Jim Hogan, Tom Martens, Fred Greiner and Peter Roussell. It was only three years ago that these gentlemen claimed the first-place trophy in Washington, D.C. But a quick look into the AWWA Top Ops Hall of Fame reveals that the team has often returned to the winner’s circle and does not intend to fade into the annals of Top Ops history.

This was Hogan’s 15th trip to ACE to participate in Top Ops. Rousell tries to fit in as much practice as he can when he isn’t kayaking and participating in local 5K events. Greiner says he practices for Top Ops “every waking hour of his life”, and Martens uses his lunch hour to study.

Watch out Buoys, though! Top Ops teams teams throughout the Sections are drilling themselves with questions from sources such as AWWA’s Water Operator Certification Study Guide for the next edition of Top Ops in Anaheim. Hmm, who will be the next Top Ops Champions? Stay tuned, Top Ops fans! Other teams scoring highly for 2014 were: The Smooth Operators, California-Nevada Section, 2nd Place; Novae, Virginia Section, 3rd Place; and Monroe County Water Authority, New York Section, 4th Place.

No Let-Down for Lansing Lethal Ladies in Boston!

For the other nine women’s 2014 tapping teams, the Lansing Lethal Ladies’ victory was a tough pill to swallow.

With a third-place victory in 2012, and a second-place in 2013, the first-place seat in the 2014 winner’s circle was just the natural progression for Coach Remecho Sanders’ team.  Catharine Coffey was the setter, Kelly Gleason was cranker, and Marissa Klimkiewicz handled the copper. 

Wearing royal purple, the lovely Lansing Lethal Ladies garnered a score of 2:35:97.  A record 10 ladies teams competed in the tapping contest, including two teams from the Netherlands and U.K. 

 It is a significant achievement for  ladies’ teams to break the three-minute mark.  Participating in the finals were 2013 ladies’ champions, the Alamo City Tappers from SAWS in second place (2:45:78) and the Greater Cincinnati Ductile Iron Divas in third (3:09:65). 


Virginia Trio Aimed to Snag all 2014 Meter Madness Trophies

Virginians Merritt Ford, Samantha Mason and Michael Dunavant traveled to Boston to win Meter Madness. 
Ford, an operator as well as a fishing, soccer and softball enthusiast, had achieved third place in the VAWWA Utility Rodeo at 37:47, but could not lure one of the top scores at the national level.

Mason had her eye on the 2014 Meter Madness Championship. A  very competitive person who describes herself as someone who “when she puts her mind to something, will not stop until she gets it” practiced every day.  Her preparations resulted in a second place victory at the Virginia competition; and at the nationals, she reeled in a score of 35:91, netting third-place.

Dunavant’s return to the Meter Madness stage was a triumphant one, having brought home the 2014 first place VAWWA trophy. Michael did not bumble in Boston either, and will enjoy a return to the competition in Anaheim.  He successfully defended his title by hooking the top score of 33.16.