ace13 Operator Competitions

Conference Program: June 9 - 13 | Exposition: June 9 - 12 | Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado

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AWWA’s operator contests showcase operator ingenuity, know-how and skills. Every year during the Annual Conference and Exposition, ACE, these competitions are held to demonstrate the effectiveness and professionalism among those in the water supply sector.

The Tapping, Top Ops and Meter Madness operator contests are subject to AWWA's Competition Sponsorship Policy, which aims to ensure fair access to sponsorship opportunities.

Disclaimer: AWWA specifically does not endorse products manufactured by sponsors and takes no position concerning the adequacy of such products or their compliance with any AWWA Standard.


Ford Meter Box Mueller Company Neptune Technology Group ME Simpson Company M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. Ford Meter Box Mueller Company Neptune Technology Group

The AWWA Competitions

Pipe Tapping

Pipe Tapping is a high-energy contest, where top utility teams from section-level contests race to tap a cement-lined, ductile iron pipe.

Meter Madness

This fast-paced contest pits competitors against the clock to assemble a water meter from a bucket of parts.

Top Ops

The challenging Top Ops contest tests the everyday know-how of water treatment operators in a "college bowl" format.

World Water Cup

Pipe Tapping is taken to an international level with three tapping methods on a global stage. See this event at ACE every two years.

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