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Dedicated to the world’s most important resource, AWWA sets the standard for water knowledge, management and informed public policy. Advertising with AWWA provides you with a diverse audience in both water and wastewater sectors and offers the most choices for mixed-media advertising in the water industry.


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 2016 Media Kit


AWWA accepts exhibits, sponsorships and advertising for any company in the water sector or provides products and services relevant to drinking water, wastewater, reuse and/or stormwater.

AWWA was awarded Silver for its 2015 Marketing Portfolio in the category of “Promotional Publications: Media Kit (Print)” by Association Media & Publishing. The Marketing Portfolio provides current and potential advertisers with the information they need to advertise to AWWA’s audience.


Southeast U.S., Colorado, Latin America, Asia

Pam Fithian
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c- 720.212.4113
f- 303.795.1989
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Midwest U.S., Canada, Europe

Nancy Mortvedt
d- 303.734.3442
c- 303.947.3895
f- 303.795.1989
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Northeast U.S, Eastern Canada

Ryan Fugler
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Western U.S., Texas, Alaska, Hawaii

Kathy Smith
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f- 303.795.1989
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