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Dedicated to the world’s most important resource, AWWA sets the standard for water knowledge, management and informed public policy. Advertising with AWWA provides you with a diverse audience in both water and wastewater sectors and offers the most choices for mixed-media advertising in the water industry.


Advertiser Resources

 2015 Marketing Portfolio


AWWA accepts exhibits, sponsorships and advertising for any company in the water sector or provides products and services relevant to drinking water, wastewater, reuse and/or stormwater.

AWWA was awarded Silver for its 2015 Marketing Portfolio in the category of “Promotional Publications: Media Kit (Print)” by Association Media & Publishing. The Marketing Portfolio provides current and potential advertisers with the information they need to advertise to AWWA’s audience.


Southeast U.S., Colorado, Latin America, Asia

Pam Fithian
d- 303.347.6138
c- 720.212.4113
f- 303.795.1989
Email Pam

Midwest U.S., Canada, Europe

Nancy Mortvedt
d- 303.734.3442
c- 303.947.3895
f- 303.795.1989
Email Nancy

Northeast U.S., Eastern Canada

Jane Johnson
d- 303.734.3426
f- 303.795.1989
Email Jane

Western U.S., Texas, Alaska, Hawaii

Kathy Smith
d- 303.347.6237
c- 720.838.3988
f- 303.795.1989
Email Kathy


List rental information

Reach qualified water professionals by renting AWWA's membership, product buyers and conference and event attendee lists. For information on pricing and list segmentation, contact AWWA's list manager, Infocus Marketing at 800.708.5478 or email Infocus Marketing.

AWWA Advertising Department

Insertion order forms for all of AWWA's advertising opportunities are available from the AWWA Advertising Department. Email ad materials to Marge Grogan or call 303.347.6233 for a form and additional information. FTP-site instructions can be found in the AWWA Marketing Portfolio.

Web Banner Guidelines

File size: 25k Max
File Types: GIF, JPG, SWF


  • All animation must be shorter than 10 seconds and end after one cycle
  • All animated content must be brand-appropriate and professional in nature and content, as determined by the Web Editor.
  • No audio is allowed.
  • No fly-in, fly-out, expanding, page-overlay or intersitial effects are allowed. The use of blinking, flashing, oscillating or otherwise intermittent images is prohibited. 
  • Transparent background ads are permitted: The outer boundary of the ad must be visible and defined. 
  • All content should exist within the provided Flash movie: loading content from other web sources is not permitted.
  • Flash ads are not permitted to utilize forms or other data collection mechanisms.
  • Flash banner ads are not permitted on the AWWA home page.